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New Forest, Bolderwood.

New Forest, Bolderwood.

Photography Field Day Courses

Designed for you to learn while taking photos, these courses get you out and about at great locations where you will take the shots you have been hoping to achieve. We will explore the locations with our cameras, trying out a variety of techniques, ensuring you have a better understanding of your camera and how to use it. The focus will be on getting you images to be proud of, and explanation of methods for photographing the natural world.

Canon users can take advantage of the opportunity to try out close-up gear including the Tamron 180mm Macro, or perhaps experiment with the extreme depth of field control capabilites of the tilt adjustment of the Canon 24mm and 90mm TSE lenses. Spare tripod plates will be available to allow you to share and use a tripod.

Future Courses include, depending on season:
Spring Woodlands - Wood Anemones, Surrey / Sussex border.
Spring Woodlands - Bluebells.
Wildflower Meadows - Wiltshire.
Autumn Colour - Near Marlow, Buckinghamshire.
Autumn Trees - Bolderwood, New Forest, Hampshire.
London - South Bank wandering and dusk along the Thames.

For a half day course the cost is 80. This allows for a minimum four hour learning experience with a maximum group size of three. There is no further charge if the session extends beyond the four hour time period.

Experience has shown that it is simpler to arrange dates to suit individual needs and flexibility. So we will arrange this separately. Please use the Contact page to e-mail for further information.

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